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I worked with Melinda to get support with the changes that come with perimenopause. My period had become very erratic, my body temperature was constantly up and I was feeling low on energy. Melinda really focuses on your whole body and mind and looks at your wellbeing history from the early years onwards, rather than just dealing with something in isolation. Everything changed as the appointments progressed and I took the prescribed herbal medicine: the hot episodes went away, my period became regular again and my libido returned. Sleep got better and I feel on the whole very relaxed and less anxious.

I feel so blessed to have met Melinda!

Claudia, Lisbon


I can’t thank Melinda enough for helping me shake off a persistent, lingering virus I’d been struggling to get over. Her kind listening ear and consultation made me feel supported and the herbal treatment she prescribed has really built up my immune system and supported my recovery. Thanks Melinda, it feels so good to be well again. 


MP, London

I consulted Melinda to assess my daughter's long-standing challenges with her immune system, frequent colds, dry skin and energy levels. The consultations were clear, thorough and informative. The treatments and supporting advice about diet and lifestyle were highly successful and we have noticed a significant improvement. Melinda's caring and sensitive manner greatly helped, especially as my daughter can get quite anxious. I cannot recommend her more highly - thank you! 


MD, London

I visited Melinda to get help with a cough that seems to appear and hang around for many of the autumn and winter months every year. She spent over an hour with me, asking questions that took everything into account and provided her with all the information to make a really holistic diagnosis. I’ve never experienced such great attention to detail, all managed with kindness, care and thoughtfulness. And I’m thrilled to report that I got through all the autumn and winter months cough-free...for the first time in years! 

KL, London