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What happens in a consultation?


The first time we meet, we'll spend 90 minutes together discussing your symptoms, your past medical history, diet and any medication you're taking. 

Afterwards, I'll spend time doing any necessary research and work up a treatment plan which includes a herbal prescription, dietary and lifestyle advice and any further tests that may be required. 

Three or four shorter consultations are usually necessary to assess your progress, followed by check-ups every three to six months depending on the nature of your condition. 

In acute conditions, the effects of herbal medicine can be felt quite quickly while chronic, long-standing conditions require more care and attention.



Initial consultation

+ research + treatment plan £150

Follow up consultations £80

Herbal medicine £14 per 100ml

Dispensing fee for repeat prescriptions £6

Online video consultations available where appropriate

   Reduced rates for children  

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